Blogmas Day 5: My Favorite Christmas Movies

Just like the music, Christmas movies are one of the best parts of the holiday season. Movies have always been an escape from our reality and Christmas movies are no different.  Christmas movies are full of joy and warmth and remind us what the season is all about. They take us back to our childhood and fill us with wonder and awe of the magic of Santa and his sleigh full of reindeer. They make us laugh, cry, hope, believe, and dream again. 

There are way too many movies to name, but I have a few favorites that I really love. And between you and me, I might sneak and watch one or two of them even if it’s not Christmas time. LOL! I know I’m not the only one…


The Best Man Holiday


Polar Express


A Diva’s Christmas Carol


White Christmas

It’s A Wonderful Life


Jingle Jangle 






What are some of your favorite Christmas movies of all time? Share them with me in the comments.



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