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Hey guys, this is just a quick post today.  I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs/bloggers/vlogs/vloggers with you.  I’m not an addict but I am an avid watcher and reader of them.  There are thousands of bloggers out there; there are blogs about everything you can think of.  Food, fashion, travel, shoes, makeup, parenting I mean the list is endless.  Well, I have a few that I have picked that I would say are my favorites that I go to every week.  My picks are mostly fashion and style blogs but there are a couple of others in there too.

  1. Jackie Aina On YouTube – I think Jackie is probably my favorite YouTube blogger right now.  She is a freelance makeup artist and her tips and how-to’s are more geared to women of color. (Which is amazing because we often are forgotten about.) She is so knowledgable about skin and makeup and has the best makeup tutorials.  Not to mention she is beautiful and has a great personality.  If you are looking for help with your makeup she is the perfect person to go to.  Check out her videos!
  2. House of KTS – Kia Salter is the name behind this blog.  She takes such a simplistic and streamlined approach to blogging and always has the most amazing photos!  She has a great book “KTS Guide to Re-Branding a Blog”, which is great read for anyone who has a blog or is thinking about starting one.   Kia blogs about travel and food and other lifestyle things.  This is a really great one to check out.
  3. Hello Fashion – Christine Andrews combines beauty and great style with her blog.  She has a great fashion sense and insight on how to dress.  Her style is chic and simple with a little bit of edge.  She has a beautiful family that she often features on many of her post.  Another thing I love about her blog is that her husband does a partner blog Hello His, which is the male counterpart to the women’s blog that Christine does (a little something for the fellas).  I think that is the coolest concept to have a husband and wife blogging together.  You guys should definitely check this site out.  She has some really great outfits!
  4. Pretty Shiny Sparkly Blog and YouTube Channel – Kristina is behind this blog.  I just realized there is another Kristine/Kristina name.  LOL! Ok I’m back now.  Pretty Shiny Sparkly is cool because it is a youtube channel and a blog.  She is a Resident Physician in Anesthesiology, so she can tell you how to dress and drug you up really good for surgery! HaHa!!! Her YouTube channel is great, she takes her camera around with her during her daily activities and lets you experience her life at the same time she does.  She has great tips for fashion bloggers and just great post in general.  Check her out on her site or her channel.  She is really interesting and funny!
  5. Jerusha Couture – Another YouTuber, Jerusha is an Australian fashion designer/vlogger.  She has a great channel where she shares her luxury handbag and accessories collection.  She has to be by far one  of the funniest people on Youtube.  She has a great personality and an amazing Australian accent.  Go visit her channel and experience her humor for yourself, you will fall in love with her just like I have!
 That’s all guys.  I am constantly looking for new bloggers/vloggers to watch and add to my list so maybe I will have a new top 5 in a few months.  Check all of these guys out by clicking these links.  They will inspire you just like they have inspired me.
I would love to know who some of your favorite bloggers/vloggers are.  Share them with me in the comments below! 🙂


  1. August 31, 2015 / 2:41 PM

    I love this post. The first time I read this, I was just shocked I was even mentioned within this post and so so grateful. I was actually about to go in a meeting and I just felt so good. Thank you so much for mentioning me, it really means so much to me that someone enjoy what I post. I also can’t wait to read more of the other blogs, because they definitely must be good. Thank you again so much for mentioning my brand. By the way, I adore your blog as well :).

    Kia of / KTS

  2. sbooker80
    September 1, 2015 / 2:33 PM

    Hey Kia! I’m so glad to here that. It feels good that I made somebody feel good about what they’re doing. This blogging thing can feel a little lonely sometimes. Like you’re talking to yourself. I think supporting each is so important! Love you girl!

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