Boss Moms That Inspire Me

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Finding motivation and inspiration is important in order to be successful in life.  Inspiration can come in so many forms, but I want to share some of the women and boss moms that inspire me so much. They light a fire under my behind to get up and go after my dreams.


This is an amazing group of women who I look up to and admire so much.  I’m so thankful that God created them and placed them in this season to help me grow and become better in every single way.  I really pray that one day I can be this for some young woman who feels lost and needs someone to make her feel like she can do anything.


Here are the boss moms that inspire me right now:


Michelle Obama

Do I really need to say a whole lot about this woman? I mean she was our first ever African-American First Lady of the US.  I think she just made the top list of one of the most admired people in the world.  


What inspires me the most about Michelle Obama is her authenticity.  I read her book from cover-to-cover and the thing that stood out to me the most was how honest and transparent she was.  She takes you from the smallest moments in her life to the grandest and most regal ones and she doesn’t make them seem like they were more than what they were.  She almost downplayed some of the moments to me because those aren’t the things that matter to her.  She is just so relatable and down to earth.  Unlike a lot of what we see on social media right now, she doesn’t make you envy her or her life.  She makes you want to build your own, she makes you see what is special and important about you.  She has this amazing ability to make you believe in yourself no matter where you come from.  She could be the complete opposite after all of the things she’s accomplished, but that isn’t the case.  She is an amazing mom and is so devoted to being there for her kids no matter how successful she became.


Mattie James

Mattie is an amazing blogger out of Atlanta, GA.  She is an influencer who teaches chics like me how to monetize and get paid to be an influencer.  I’m sure that there have been other people to do something similar before, but Mattie does it in such a way that just snatches your edges and gets you together.  Her delivery is cut and dry and unapologetic.  I have learned so much from her just in the last few years and she has inspired me to DO THE WORK.  Stop playing around and really commit 100%.  If you are a fledgling blogger/influencer, you definitely want to check her out.  She has an amazing blog and she shares the best wisdom and business advice.  Not to mention, her gorgeous family and absolutely adorable kids!


Dayna Bolden

Dayna is another gorgeous blogger out of Atlanta.  She is a wife and mom to two little people. Dayna manages to balance a successful career and home life with so much grace and style.  Her blogging story is amazing, how she started small and kept going even when she wasn’t seeing the growth.  She didn’t give up and now she has worked with major brands and makes a significant living as a blogger and influencer.  When I see her I see myself in more ways than one. She makes me want to get up and work hard, even when I don’t feel like it. 


Erica Campbell

I have loved Erica since her days in ‘Mary Mary’.  She always seemed like the coolest person and someone I would probably be friends with.   She was able to not be put in a box by the gospel music industry and enjoyed major crossover success with her music.  She is married to one of the biggest producers in the industry Warren Campbell and they have a beautiful love story and family.  Watching her transition from an artist to a businesswoman has been so cool.  She balances a lot with her radio show, her music, becoming an author, and recently adding First Lady/Pastor’s wife to her long list of things that she does.  She has managed to stay so grounded and walk in such integrity and humility.  She is a prime example of what we as women are capable of when we give our lives to God and let him map out the path for us.  She helps me in knowing that there is divine grace to be able to do it all, have it all and not lose your mind.


Tia Mowry

I feel like I grew up with her and her twin sister Tamera.  You probably used to watch their show ‘Sister Sister’ on t.v. I admire how Tia has been able to continuously reinvent herself year after year.  She never seemed to get stuck in the “child star” rut that a lot of young actors fall into.  She has blossomed into an amazing wife and mother and super businesswoman.  Her joy and vibrance are such a breath of fresh air and her laugh is extremely contagious.  I love how she has shared her journey of endometriosis and not being able to have another baby, now she has her beautiful daughter.  Her cooking show and her recipes inspire a healthier lifestyle and emphasize how important it is to take care of our bodies. 


All of these women motivate and inspire me every day to be the best version of myself and to go after the life I want.  They let me see that I can have it all, that I don’t have to sacrifice one thing for the other.


What women inspire you guys right now? Share them with me in the comments.


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