21 Things To Do In 2021

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The older I get the less time I want to waste in my life.  I want to be more focused and intentional with every move that I make.  

This year I am making efforts to make this happen every day by setting realistic goals and to-do lists that are practical and realistic.  I compiled a fun list of 21 things that I thought would be nice to accomplish in 2021.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that I will do everything on the list, but it gives me a good starting point. 

I have already done several of the things on this list, but I will definitely do some of them again.  And as always, we are functioning in a NO JUDGEMENT, Grace Zone.  This list is just for you to reference.  

Here  are 21 things to do in 2021:


 1.  Organize your home

This can be a huge task to take on, depending on the size of your home/family, etc.  The cool thing about organizing is, you are your own gage.  You can decide how you want to accomplish and what method/tools you use.  The whole process is totally up to you which helps take away the pressure of getting it done.  Whatever you decide though, take it one day at a time or one room at a time.  Take a look at my Pinterest Worthy Pantry Organization post for inspiration!


 2.  Establish and solidify a morning routine (and stick to it for at least 30 days)

This is something that I have been trying to do for the longest time.  It just seems like I start, but somehow end up falling off of the routine that I created.  There are a lot of factors that go into a morning routine for me, so I am doing it by trial and error.  I feel like I will eventually get it just right and it will stick.  Another thing that helps is to write it down.  It really is helpful when it comes to you remembering.


 3.  Really love and embrace your body the way it is right now

Whew, this right here! If I could somehow, bottle this ability up and sell it, I would be the richest woman in the world.  This is at the top of my list for the year.  I have been so self-conscious for so long and I just got tired.  I decided that I am going to love and embrace the body that I have right now.  I am still going to take care of myself and all of that, but I am going to dress the heck out of it and be proud of where I am!


 4.  Try something new

Hey, you can start with this long list.  🙂


 5.  Purge your closet

I am such a stickler for purging, basically anything.  But I am even more so about my closet.  Purging your closet is a great way to improve your everyday style. It gives you a clear picture of what you actually have versus what you think you have. 


6.   Drink more water

I don’t really think I need to say a whole lot.  Other than this bottle is really fun and motivating if you’re trying to drink more water. 


7.  Start seeing a therapist

With the surge in mental health awareness, now is a great time to consider looking into finding a therapist and investing in our mental health and wellness.  Between childhood traumas and 2020, it’s safe to say we all need this! A lot of doctors are even offering zoom sessions.  I started the process of finding a Dr. last year, but COVID put a pause on it.  I definitely plan on revisiting this.


8.   Clear out your emails

Look at your phone right now, if you have more than 100 email notifications then this is for us.  I try to keep up with this, but you know it sometimes falls short on the list of priorities.  I have done an email purge before and it helps to give an immense amount of clarity to your life.  It really is worth taking the time to sit down and clean them out.


9.   Exercise at least twice a week

There are no rules when it comes to exercising, it’s really about a lifestyle of being active and healthy.  Whether it’s Pilates, yoga, interval training, running, weight lifting, roller skating, riding a bike, or taking a walk.  Get up and move your body.  Our bodies were not made to be sedentary, we were made to move.  The physical health benefits pale in comparison to the mental and emotional benefits of exercising.  It is scientifically proven to decrease stress, improve your mood and your overall health.  Start with something lite and work your up to the more intense activity, your present and future self will thank you.


 10.  Go on a fast/cleanse

Fasting has become so mainstream now and it is not just for religion.  It’s a great way to reset yourself physically and spiritually.


 11.  Read or listen to one book a month

Truth moment, I have gotten a bit lazy with my reading and this is something I really want to improve.  If you get bored easily (like me), audiobooks are a great way to get your reading differently.  It’s sad how many books I have started and not finished.  LOL!



NO Spends seem to have recently become a trend and are a great way to train and discipline yourself in the area of money.  I did one last year and it really put a lot of things into perspective for me.  If you are looking for a challenge in 2021, this is a great place to start.


 13.  Buy new bed sheets

This is a small thing, but a big thing.  Investing in the place where we rest is as important as investing our time and money.  We spend a significant amount of time in our beds, why not make it luxurious? New bedsheets (the right kind) can help make sleep better, which will make your day better and ultimately your life!


 14.  Clean out your garage

I have wanted to do this for several years, but I am not good with bugs so I would never attempt this one by myself (that’s where hubby comes in). I’m positive this would be an all-day job so make sure you don’t have anything else to do.   We are all about decluttering our lives around here, right down to the garage!


 15.  Redecorate a room(s)

You would be amazed at how exhilarating it is when you add new pieces to a room or change the color scheme.  Something as small as a new picture can feel like a fresh start.  Currently changing the decor in my half bathroom and it already feels so different in the house.


 16.  Do a Family History search

I’ve always wanted to do one of these, especially for the kids. Now more than ever we have to create legacies and build for future generations, knowing where we come from is a great foundation. 


17.  Get a bra fitting

We are normalizing luxury in 2021, starting with the little luxuries.  Knowing your true bra size and what type of undergarment to wear is definitely a little luxury we should pursue!


 18.  Forgive someone who hurt you and let it go

Forgiveness is another thing that needs to be normalized. 2021 is a year of being HEALED, WHOLE, and FREE! Why not start with forgiveness?


 19.  Go to church

Finding a church community and a pastor is huge! Even with our current circumstances with COVID-19, it will really improve your life by having a place to belong and be fed the Word of God.  Don’t believe the hype people, Jesus really is the answer, NOT RELIGION.  If you are in search of truth and peace and freedom, finding a good solid bible-based church is a wonderful place to start.


 20.  Start running

If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself this year, running is perfect for you.  This wouldn’t necessarily be for someone new to exercise.  Running is a whole world within itself and can become a bit addictive if you end up enjoying it.   I started running a few years ago and sort of fell off for one reason or another, but this is something I am going to start doing again.  You can read about my personal running journey here.


 21.  Create a vision board

 Vision boards are fun with a purpose.  Making your goals plain and clear so you can see it all year, ( see what I did there) is the whole point of vision boards.  You can get as creative as you want and there is no limit to what you can do.  A few magazines, poster board, scissors, and some glue and you’re good to go.  


What are some of the things you would like to try/accomplish this year? What on this list have you already checked off? Share with me in the comments.


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