My Spring Reading List

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 Reading is something I loved so much growing up. It was a fun way to escape into different worlds and learn new things. I read a lot of fiction books as a young person and didn’t really have the push to read books to encourage self-improvement until my adult years.  

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As I got older I started to read less and less and  I feel like the change happened when I had kids.  My life became more about them and less about taking time for myself. A lot of the things I did before really took a back seat.  I think there was a short season that I didn’t really read much at all and  I didn’t realize how much growth and development I was missing because I wasn’t reading consistently.  

My husband is always reading, I mean his last name is “Booker” so it seems to come so naturally for him.  He has been really supportive and encourages me to be more intentional about reading.  It took some time for me to get there on my own, but I feel like I am doing much better with this.  One of the things that I have done to improve in this area is to try to read for 15 minutes every day. Adding this practice to my daily routine makes reading feel natural and not forced.  When things are forced on me I don’t do well with sticking to them.  I don’t always meet this goal but creating this habit has really helped me increase my reading time.  

I compiled a Spring Reading list for myself and I currently have about six books in rotation right now.  They cover topics related to business, personal, and spiritual growth.  I have seen so much improvement in the way I think and function on a daily basis.  Now there are some days that are really hectic and I am just too tired to sit and read a book, so I give myself grace and try again the next day.  I am determined to finish all of these books even if it takes longer than the spring season.


Here are the books in my Spring Reading List:  

60 Minutes of Wisdom-  Derek Grier


The Success Commandments- Devon Franklin


Influencer- Brittany Hennessy


The Productivity Project- Chis Bailey


Stories That Stick- Kindra Hall


Fringe Hours- Jessica N. Turner


If reading isn’t something you like I totally get it.  My suggestion would be to start with something small.  It can get overwhelming when you get into thick chapter books, so I would say start with one that is on the thinner side.  You can sometimes get a lot more packed into a smaller book.  Another great way to get reading in is by using book audio apps,  listening to books as an alternative to reading them.  I tried the audiobooks for a bit, but I wasn’t super excited about another subscription and ended up canceling.   Have you guys read any of these books that I mentioned? What books are you guys reading right now? Let me know in the comments below.


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