5 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring


spring look3 spring look4Outfit Details: Cardigan (sold out) Similar here and here | Tee (few sizes left) Similar here and here | Skirt (old) Similar here | Sneakers

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Spring is officially here and we are so ready at this point to shed all of the bulk and layers of the winter wardrobe.  I love the feeling of spring, there is just this sense of newness that makes you want to start fresh in every area of your life.  That most importantly means your clothes.  

Truth moment: I have gotten a little lazy with my clothes and getting dressed.  I feel like it’s mostly due to quarantine/pandemic.  I think I had just stopped caring cuz we couldn’t go anywhere.  I was determined this season to invest a little more in myself and start being more intentional with my clothes again.

Transitioning your wardrobe for different seasons can be a little tricky if you don’t usually do it.  We naturally wear our warmer weather clothes when the weather gets warm, but if you are wanting to be intentional about having a clear and functional spring wardrobe taking the steps to do that will make it less complicated and will simplify the “getting dressed every day”.  I put together a few steps to make transitioning your wardrobe quick and easy.


Here are 5 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe to Spring:


Add Color, Neutrals, and Prints 

Pastels are a great way to add color to your spring wardrobe.  If you don’t like color go for neutral tones like tans, creams, and taupes.  They are light and will definitely make your wardrobe feel more like spring.  Prints are another way to transition your wardrobe for spring.  Floral prints are easy and are a definite season staple.


Move Winter Clothing To the Back of Your Closet

Transition to your spring wardrobe by moving your winter pieces to the back of your closet.  You can also take all of those winter clothes and store them away until you need them again.  The idea is to simplify what you are looking at in your closet every day.  Taking those winter items out of the equation will make getting dressed a lot less complicated.  For more closet organization tips read this post here.


Think Light and Flowy

I think the best part of spring is shedding all of the bulk of the winter season.  A flowy dress or a pretty lace blouse just makes you feel like spring and can actually affect your mood.  At least it does for me.   


spring look2 spring look1

Outfit Details: Denim Jacket (old) Similar here | Pants (old) Similar here and here  | Shoes

Sweaters, Jackets, and Cardigans

 With spring being smack dab in the middle of winter and summer and depending on where you live you may still need to take something to add a layer of warmth.  A light sweater, denim jacket, or cardigan is perfect to have on those cool mornings or chilly summer nights.  Unlike a wool coat, you can tie it around your waist or maybe even stick it in your bag.


Lighten Things With Fragrances and Accessories

Switching up your fragrances for the season is another great way to transition to spring.  Something lighter and floral-scented will definitely do the trick.  Change up your handbags to a canvas tote or a straw bag or even a lighter colored bag to take your look from zero to spring in an instant.  


Spring is a great time to try new things when it comes to your wardrobe.  If you are having trouble getting into the swing of things, your clothing is a great place to start.  

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