My Summer Plans With the Kids

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Summer break can be a bit overwhelming; keeping the kids entertained and fed for two and a half months can be a lot.  I have taken a more simplified approach this year and I’m determined to not stress myself out.

My kids range in ages from a teenager to a preteen to a preschooler, so I have to find a good balance when it comes to activities.  Obviously, the two oldest kids won’t want to do the things that my five-year-old would want to do, (even though he is always trying to keep up with his brother and sister).  LOL! 

I haven’t been super stiff about planning every moment of each day.  I feel like the school year is rigid enough so I try to let the summer be a lot more laid back.  One thing I am strict about is them keeping some sort of morning routine and not staying in their pajamas all day.  Just because you don’t have to go anywhere doesn’t mean we have to start being lazy.  

The only thing that I have officially planned for this summer is a five-day-long vacation.  I was adamant about being more intentional with this and so this year is our first annual family vacay.  Since my husband is gone a lot due to work and being a musician, the times when we are together are so special.  I’m super excited about that.

I have a list of things that I know we can do that are local and don’t always require spending a ton of money.  I try to rotate the activities throughout the week, and I pick maybe two or three days to make sure we get out of the house and go somewhere, even if it is just a ride in the car.  It’s amazing how much it helps to just get the sun on your face and feel the fresh air.


My summer plans with the kids include:


The library is a great way to get my kids doing something other than playing video games.  It is totally free and usually only requires some sort of membership card.

Local Amusement Park

Now, this can be a bit on the pricier side of activities, but so worth it.  We get the monthly pass that allows us to visit the theme park whenever we like and it is super fun.  We generally wait for their dad and go on his off days.  

Jump Parks and Arcades

The kids love the jump parks and arcades.  We have been to Dave and Buster’s a few times since they’ve been out of school and the local jump park has a great special on certain days of the week.  The jump park is a great way for them to get exercise without actually feeling like they are exercising.  The best part is they are super tired by the end of the day and getting them to go to bed is a lot easier.


If you are fortunate enough to live by the beach, it’s a great thing to do with the kids during the summer.  Beach days take a little bit more prep in my opinion, so this is something we will do a couple of times before the summer is over.

Local/Neighborhood Parks

If it’s not too hot, the local parks are usually at the top of my summer plans.  Another totally free activity that only requires me to get in my car and drive.  The kids love it and they are entertained without any work or effort on my part.

summer with kids

Taking a drive/Going to lunch

Two of the simplest things I have planned for my kids this summer.  Getting in the car and just going for a drive and getting lunch.  These activities are probably some of my favorites because I feel like these moments are more intimate.  I really love my kids and just enjoy spending time with them.  They don’t stay young forever so I try to make the best of the times we spend together.

My biggest thing with the summer days is creating a balance with the kids.  I want them to enjoy their vacation and be able to rest and make memories.  I also still make sure to keep them in a mindset of not getting too relaxed to the point of laziness.  

Whatever your plans are make sure to be present in each moment and have fun.  Don’t stress too much about every day and it’s ok sometimes to just go with the flow.  Happy summer guys!


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